Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pomeroy {Family}

I met the Pomeroy family several months ago when I did Hudson's newborn session. My goodness, the boys have done some major growing since then! I'm so thankful they've asked me to join them along as they grow. These two brothers are absolutely precious and are so enamored with one another. Despite the heat during their session, they trooped right along. We even got quite the surprise as our session was coming to an end. The local fire station ran some routine tests where we were shooting and a massive fire truck made an appearance. Of course, we ended with a few shots aboard thanks to the super sweet fireman!

I hope you enjoy these images Pomeroy family! And thank you, thank you for letting me squeeze some loving from your roly poly Hudson:)

 photo pomery2-020will.jpg
 photo pomery2-024bis.jpg
 photo pomery2-013sbw.jpg
 photo pomery2-037will.jpg
 photo pomery2-008.jpg
 photo pomery2-014bis.jpg
 photo pomery2-019bis.jpg
 photo pomery2-030arlo.jpg
 photo pomery2-010s2.jpg
 photo pomery2-005bis.jpg
 photo pomery2-016will.jpg
 photo pomery2-004sbw.jpg
 photo pomery2-025will.jpg
 photo pomery2-017sbw.jpg
 photo pomery2-038bis.jpg


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