Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hughes {Maternity}

It was purely luck that when I met up with the Hughes for their maternity session that the rain had stopped, and it felt like fall outside. Earlier that day, it was black, cloudy, and pouring rain. Thankfully, for their session, it was the exact opposite. I loved getting to meet this sweet couple and talk all things baby girl. We are both due in the next month or two with little girls. Allison and Rob have two names in mind for their precious girl. Both are the names of flowers, so they wanted to incorporate flowers into their session. Allison's family land was the perfect location for these two as it hold so much history for them both. Thanks guys for such a fun evening! Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! Can't wait to meet her:)

 photo hughes_maternity-003.jpg
 photo hughes_maternity-033bis.jpg
 photo hughes_maternity-004sbw.jpg
 photo hughes_maternity-023will.jpg
 photo hughes_maternity-034will.jpg
 photo hughes_maternity-025.jpg
 photo hughes_maternity-022bis.jpg
 photo hughes_maternity-032sbw.jpg
 photo hughes_maternity-014.jpg
 photo hughes_maternity-016.jpg
 photo hughes_maternity-005sbw.jpg
 photo hughes_maternity-021bis.jpg
 photo hughes_maternity-010will.jpg
 photo hughes_maternity-009will.jpg


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