Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Katie & Dale

These two girls are obviously the best of friends. I loved that they wanted to do session together to document their sweet friendship. The entire time I was shooting them, I couldn't stop thinking of the friendships I made in high school. Those girls are still some of my very dear friends today. I wish I had images like these to look back on.

Dale and Katie were easily some of the easiest people I've ever taken photos of. I'm not even kidding. And it's not just because they are both beautiful, but also, these girls didn't stop laughing. For real, they didn't stop. They were crazy photogenic, and just when one got nervous, the other would bust out an inside joke and bring on a calming laugh. Thanks girls for a night full of laughter:) Hope you love these images. You both are stunning!
 photo daleandkatie-038sbw.jpg
 photo daleandkatie-025.jpg
 photo daleandkatie-020.jpg
 photo daleandkatie-009.jpg
 photo daleandkatie-040will.jpg
 photo daleandkatie-018will.jpg
 photo daleandkatie-023.jpg
 photo daleandkatie-037will.jpg
 photo daleandkatie-002.jpg
 photo daleandkatie-028will.jpg
 photo daleandkatie-012.jpg
 photo daleandkatie-004sbw.jpg


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