Monday, April 21, 2014

Hudson {NEWBORN}

Big brother Grant is probably Hudson's biggest fan. All session long, he wanted to do nothing but help me shoot and love on little brother. It was precious to say the least. Hudson couldn't have been more laid back, either. He seemed to just go with the flow, and I honestly don't think I heard him cry once. Praise the Lord for easy babies, right mommas?

I loved every minute I got to spend with this precious family. I can't wait to shoot them again when Hudson hits 6 months. It really is a blessing to get to be apart of people's lives through my photography. All glory to Him!

Pomeroy family, I hope you cherish and love these images. Thank you for letting me steal cuddles from H!

 photo pomeroy-008bis.jpg
 photo pomeroy-005bis.jpg
 photo pomeroy-009bis.jpg
 photo pomeroy-017bis.jpg
 photo pomeroy-024sbw.jpg
 photo pomeroy-015.jpg
 photo pomeroy-035bis.jpg
 photo pomeroy-007sbw.jpg
 photo pomeroy-013bis.jpg
 photo pomeroy-003sbw.jpg
 photo pomeroy-004bis.jpg
 photo pomeroy-027.jpg
 photo pomeroy-029sbw.jpg


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