Welcome to Katie Kubler Photography.
 I hope you enjoy your stay. I don't have a special story of how photography became apart of my life. It just did. When the opportunity arose to stay home with my soon to be tot, I jumped on it! The Lord helped me to realize that he has given me a gift, and I can use it to bless others and our home. I am undeserving, yet thankful.

Katie Kubler Photography specializes in relaxed, non-traditional, on location photography. KKP offers the following session types: maternity, newborn, children, seniors, family, engagements, proposals, and (my favorite) play-dates (read more below).

Katie Kubler Photography serves the DeSoto County and Tate County.

 Play-Date Sessions: 
 I have the most adorable niece and nephews ever imaginable. When I started getting serious about photography, I used them as my practice subjects. Thus, play-date sessions were born. They are exactly what they sound like. A 1-2 hour candid session with your kiddos... acting like themselves. I want to capture them doing their everyday thing. Whether that's waking up for breakfast, playing in the yard or playroom, running around a park, or painting at the kitchen table, I want to capture those moments you see everyday, but so easily forget as time passes. Let them wear what they want, do what they want, do their hair like you always would, and let me capture their true little personalities that steal your heart.

*This is my temporary site while my professional site is under construction.  The above photo was taken by Captured Love Photography and edited by Katie Kubler Photography.
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