Thursday, November 12, 2015


Okay, first off, narrowing this session down to a few favorites was pretty much impossible. Sweet little Ruby and her big sister, Ezra, were just way too cute. These are very close friends of mine and I consider it such an honor and joy to capture this precious time in their lives. I've been able to photograph them through the years, and I LOVE watching this family grow. Praise the Lord for sweet friends and babies! Lizzy dear, I hope you love these as much as I do, and don't be surprised if next time you're over I have one or two or twenty framed in my house! HA!
  photo kitchens-035bis.jpg
 photo kitchens-032sbw.jpg
 photo kitchens-051.jpg
 photo kitchens-083sbw.jpg
 photo kitchens-086.jpg
 photo kitchens-013sbw.jpg
 photo kitchens-061.jpg

 photo kitchens-015bis.jpg
 photo kitchens-016bw.jpg
 photo kitchens-068sbw.jpg
 photo kitchens-046.jpg
 photo kitchens-001.jpg
 photo kitchens-038bis.jpg
 photo kitchens-057.jpg
 photo kitchens-070.jpg
 photo kitchens-026.jpg
 photo kitchens-042.jpg
 photo kitchens-005.jpg
 photo kitchens-048sbw.jpg
 photo kitchens-055.jpg
 photo kitchens-039.jpg
 photo kitchens-024sbw.jpg
 photo kitchens-082.jpg
 photo kitchens-069.jpg
 photo kitchens-004.jpg
 photo kitchens-063.jpg
 photo kitchens-065.jpg
 photo kitchens-021sbw.jpg
 photo kitchens-027.jpg
 photo kitchens-060.jpg
 photo kitchens-029sbw.jpg
 photo kitchens-040bis.jpg
 photo kitchens-047sbw.jpg
 photo kitchens-084.jpg
 photo kitchens-022.jpg


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