Saturday, November 14, 2015

Anna + Ross {LOVE}

Five years married and three years of me doing their annual fall session, time is flying. Finally, we had a year of cool weather for this session. I love that Anna and Ross bring their fur babes along every year. Their personalities never cease to make me laugh. I'm so thankful they let me apart of this yearly tradition and make the trek up here from Starkville. Anna and Ross, I hope you guys enjoy! I think this is my favorite year yet!

 photo pickle-044.jpg
 photo pickle-007bis.jpg
 photo pickle-037bis.jpg
 photo pickle-006.jpg
 photo pickle-026bis.jpg
 photo pickle-047.jpg
 photo pickle-004bis.jpg
 photo pickle-033.jpg
 photo pickle-027sbw.jpg
 photo pickle-039.jpg
 photo pickle-009bis.jpg
 photo pickle-050bis.jpg
 photo pickle-019sbw.jpg
 photo pickle-045.jpg
 photo pickle-010dbw.jpg
 photo pickle-031.jpg
 photo pickle-025.jpg
 photo pickle-040.jpg
 photo pickle-008.jpg
 photo pickle-048sbw.jpg
 photo pickle-043.jpg
 photo pickle-015.jpg
 photo pickle-028bis.jpg
 photo pickle-049.jpg
 photo pickle-035.jpg


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