Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jamie : Senior

This is Jamie. She's on Josh's side of the family, and we love her dearly. She's probably the happiest girl I've ever met. She's always smiling, cracking jokes, and laughing. I met her 9 years ago, and I can't believe it's time for her to be graduating. Time really does fly. We took these at my father in law's nursery and barn, which I love, because Jamie did a lot of growing there. This place and that girl are so special. Hope you enjoy these pretty girl! We love you, Jamie!

 photo jamie-050bis.jpg
 photo jamie-013.jpg
 photo jamie-005sbw.jpg
 photo jamie-022.jpg

 photo jamie-042.jpg
 photo jamie-018.jpg
 photo jamie-033.jpg
 photo jamie-051sbw.jpg
 photo jamie-008.jpg photo jamie-012.jpg
 photo jamie-007.jpg
 photo jamie-047.jpg
 photo jamie-030.jpg
 photo jamie-031sbw.jpg photo jamie-024.jpg
 photo jamie-001.jpg
 photo jamie-044.jpg
 photo jamie-049sbw.jpg
 photo jamie-025.jpg
 photo jamie-006.jpg
 photo jamie-046.jpg
Had to end with this sweet one of Jamie and her little sister, Ashleigh! We sure do love these girls!


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