Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Siano Sisters

I loved getting to meet these sisters. Their friendship and bond reminded me so much of what I have with my own sisters. We had a lot fun braving the June heat and having these made for their parents. Thanks girls for being troopers and putting up with my awkward self:) I hope you enjoy these! I can't wait for y'all to see the rest:)

 photo SianoSisters-023sbw.jpg
 photo SianoSisters-013.jpg
 photo SianoSisters-034bis.jpg
 photo SianoSisters-011dbw.jpg
 photo SianoSisters-021.jpg
 photo SianoSisters-033.jpg
 photo SianoSisters-015dbw.jpg
 photo SianoSisters-010.jpg
 photo SianoSisters-018bis.jpg
 photo SianoSisters-009.jpg
 photo SianoSisters-016bis.jpg
 photo SianoSisters-031.jpg


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