Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mary Jenkins {Newborn}

Mary Jenkins could not have been more of a dream baby to shoot. Little one slept soundly through most of the session and let me steal ample cuddles. However, the star of the show may have been big sister. She was so sweet with her new sister and did such an awesome job holding her. Thank you Hunt family for letting document this precious time in your lives. It was such a blessing to meet Mary Jenkins. Hope you enjoy these favorites!!

  photo hunt-021.jpg
 photo hunt-006.jpg
 photo hunt-002sbw.jpg
 photo hunt-016.jpg
 photo hunt-032sbw.jpg
 photo hunt-023.jpg
 photo hunt-018.jpg
 photo hunt-028bis.jpg
 photo hunt-013.jpg
 photo hunt-022.jpg
 photo hunt-012bis.jpg
 photo hunt-017sbw.jpg
 photo hunt-010.jpg
 photo hunt-003.jpg
 photo hunt-027.jpg


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