Friday, June 26, 2015

Graham {PLAY DATE}

I had a play date session with this little hunk of adorableness the other day. His eyes just melt my heart to mush. I may or may not be secretly praying that he's Willow's husband one day, Lord willing:) Love my little Graham to pieces. And those eyes!!!! Here's a flash back to his newborn session here. Goodness he has grown!
 photo graham9mo-010sbw.jpg
 photo graham9mo-009bis.jpg
 photo graham9mo-007sbw.jpg
 photo graham9mo-001bis.jpg
 photo graham9mo-002sbw.jpg
 photo graham9mo-004bis.jpg
 photo graham9mo-011bis.jpg
 photo graham9mo-003sbw.jpg
 photo graham9mo-005bis.jpg
 photo graham9mo-012sbw.jpg
 photo graham9mo-013.jpg
 photo graham9mo-006sbw.jpg
 photo graham9mo-008bis.jpg


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