Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Walkers {Family}

These boys and I had a play date a couple Saturday's ago. We chased birds, climbed hills and trees, looked for flowers, killed bugs, played in "tunnels" and "forests". They hardly even realized they were having to get their picture taken. Once oldest brother realized I was, he kept asking me to take his picture over and over again in new areas. I love getting to play with my client's kids and snapping their genuine smiles as we go.

Thank you Walker family for such a fun Saturday morning with your boys:)

 photo walker-015.jpg  photo walker-008.jpg
 photo walker-012sbw_2.jpg photo walker-030.jpg
 photo walker-026.jpg  photo walker-004.jpg
 photo walker-027bis.jpg
 photo walker-006sbw.jpg
 photo walker-020bis.jpg
 photo walker-007.jpg photo walker-028sbw.jpg
 photo walker-014bis.jpg
 photo walker-035sbw.jpg
 photo walker-033gts.jpg
 photo walker-018sbw.jpg
 photo walker-022.jpg
 photo walker-019bw.jpg
 photo walker-001bis.jpg
 photo walker-011sbw.jpg


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