Monday, May 11, 2015

Pomeroy {family}

I have loved watching this little family grow. These sweet boys only keep getting sweeter. Their age difference is the same as my kiddos, so I love watching them interact and see whats to come. Thank you Pomeroy family for such a fun Saturday morning!

 photo pomeroy-002.jpg
 photo pomeroy-025bis.jpg
 photo pomeroy-010.jpg
 photo pomeroy-012.jpg
 photo pomeroy-019.jpg
 photo pomeroy-027_1.jpg
 photo pomeroy-006.jpg
 photo pomeroy-021sbw.jpg
 photo pomeroy-015_1.jpg
 photo pomeroy-028sbw.jpg
 photo pomeroy-017.jpg
 photo pomeroy-004.jpg
 photo pomeroy-009sbw.jpg

 photo pomeroy-040.jpg
 photo pomeroy-032.jpg
 photo pomeroy-044.jpg
 photo pomeroy-036.jpg
 photo pomeroy-038.jpg
 photo pomeroy-041.jpg


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