Thursday, June 18, 2015


This little man is Camp. I had the honor of taking his newborn pictures a week or so back. I might be biased (because he's family), but this kiddo may be one of the cutest newborns I've ever seen. The Weaver genes are strong. All Weaver children and grandchildren are pretty stinking adorable:) But like I said, I may be biased.

I was so excited to meet this sweet boy and capture this precious time in his life. Thank you Blake and Christi for letting me love on him and snuggle him. Welcome to the Weaver clan, Camp!! You are already so loved!!
  photo camp-007gts.jpg
 photo camp-026db.jpg
 photo camp-033.jpg
 photo camp-027.jpg
 photo camp-015sbw.jpg
 photo camp-020.jpg
 photo camp-006sbw.jpg
 photo camp-034.jpg
 photo camp-031db.jpg
 photo camp-036sbw.jpg
 photo camp.jpg


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