Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lindsey & John Henry {Engaged}

I've never met a couple easier to photograph than these two. Lindsey and John Henry were so natural in front of the camera, I asked them to start giving classes on the matter. She told me before hand that they were a total laid back couple, and that they loved candid. She couldn't have been more right. Shooting their engagement session was so relaxed, fun, and hilarious. Oh, and have I mentioned this was a Sunrise session?!! These two good sports met me bright and early at 5:30am to catch the sunrise and avoid the Memphis heat. We finished just in time to run back to the car before a random summer down pour.

Thank you guys for meeting me so early. Good luck on your big move! I'm honored I got to tell your ending to Memphis:)
 photo LandJengagement-006.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-041bis.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-029.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-033.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-002.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-034sbw.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-021s2.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-031will.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-004light.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-051s2.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-007will.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-024.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-038bis.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-003.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-040sbw.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-009.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-035bis.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-020.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-011sbw.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-041bis.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-032.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-013will.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-018sbw.jpg
 photo LandJengagement-050.jpg


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