Tuesday, April 21, 2015


This little man is Jett. His parents are some of our very closets friends. So, shooting this session was such a honor. It's been such a blessing and encouragement to me to watch Kelsey and Hunter become amazing parents to this little guy. I may be biased since he'll be my future son-in-law, but he's pretty much the cutest newborn ever. His little features, olive skin, and dark hair just give me all the feelings:). Kelsey and Hunter, thank you for letting me snuggle the mess out of him and capture this sweet time in y'alls life. Jett couldn't be more perfect.

 photo jettnewborn-011.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-016.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-004.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-023bis.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-028sbw.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-032.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-005.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-029.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-030bw.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-009.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-018.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-010s2.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-033.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-001.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-019.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-007s2.jpg
 photo jettnewborn-021sbw.jpg


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