Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rachel {SENIOR}

Rachel is probably one of my sassiest seniors yet. This girl knew how to strike a pose but also be completely natural in front of the camera all at the same time. She was such a good sport to trek through some pretty creepy locations with me. Not to mention the hoard of bees that seemed to follow us everywhere. But it was so worth! Her images are beautiful. Thank you Rachel for such a fun morning! I hope these made the bee swarms worth it:)

 photo stephens-043s2.jpg
 photo stephens-027sbw.jpg
 photo stephens-016s3.jpg
 photo stephens-022s3.jpg
 photo stephens-030sbw.jpg
 photo stephens-037.jpg
 photo stephens-005sbw.jpg
 photo stephens-013s2.jpg
 photo stephens-038bis.jpg
 photo stephens-039s2.jpg
 photo stephens-042sbw.jpg
 photo stephens-018s3.jpg
 photo stephens-033w.jpg
 photo stephens-010w.jpg
 photo stephens-006w.jpg


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