Saturday, April 25, 2015


This sweet family reminded me so much of my own family. Mainly because our kiddos are right at the same ages. It was so fun to see Reed interact with Maggie. At one point during the session, he reached over and grabbed her hand unprompted and I my heart melted. We had the best time giggling, jumping off stairs, and being silly. Thank you Ginn family for a fun Saturday morning. I absolutely love your images! photo ginn-018sbw.jpg photo ginn-033.jpg
 photo ginn-010new.jpg
 photo ginn-004sbw.jpg
 photo ginn-012sbw.jpg
 photo ginn-009.jpg
 photo ginn-031.jpg
 photo ginn-024.jpg
 photo ginn-028sbw.jpg
 photo ginn-007.jpg
 photo ginn-003.jpg
 photo ginn-014.jpg


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