Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Final Round Up of 2014.

I'm so grateful for the people I get to do life with. The Lord has richly blessed Josh and I with amazing family, and friends who feel like family. I announced in September that I would not be booking any further sessions October-December so that I could focus on our new baby girl and life as a family of four. By early September, I had already booked mini sessions with family and friends during that time off, and I knew that if I continued to accept sessions during those months, I would be overwhelmed and my new family of four would suffer. It was incredibly hard to turn families down after September was booked, but my husband and I are both so thankful that it allowed more family time. Now that all my sessions are over with for the year, I can happily share these last several sessions with you! Thank you loved ones for being patient with me and the delay of these posts. You people mean more to us than you know!

I'm going to make this a long, lovely post full of the people that I love so dear!  Usually I'd do individual posts for each family, but because these families have already seen their images, and my kids are about to wake up from a nap, my time is limited and I know these wonderful people won't mind one bit:)

(and a HUGE, GIGANTIC THANK YOU to all my clients for making 2014 such a blessing. I can truly say I have the most loyal, wonderful, loving clients of all time. Thank you for supporting my little family. This little business isn't much, but it's exactly what we need each month. The Lord continually amazes us with His provision and providence)

Aldridge Family: 
 photo aldridge-002.jpg
 photo aldridge-010sbw.jpg
 photo aldridge-013.jpg
 photo aldridge-004.jpg
 photo aldridge-023.jpg

Bobo Family:  photo bobo-019sbw.jpg
 photo bobo-011.jpg
 photo bobo-015.jpg
 photo bobo-018.jpg
 photo bobo-016sbw.jpg
 photo bobo-006.jpg
 photo bobo-001bw.jpg

Clark Family: 
 photo clarks-002.jpg photo clarks-003.jpg
 photo clarks-006.jpg
 photo clarks-008.jpg

Kitchens Family:
 photo kitchens-025.jpg
 photo kitchens-027.jpg
 photo kitchens-015.jpg
 photo kitchens-021.jpg
 photo kitchens-013.jpg
 photo kitchens-017sbw.jpg
 photo kitchens-003.jpg

Nixon Family: 
 photo nixon-002.jpg
 photo nixon-008.jpg
 photo nixon-011.jpg
 photo nixon-006.jpg
 photo nixon-015.jpg

Perry Family:
 photo perry-001.jpg
 photo perry-008.jpg
 photo perry-007.jpg
 photo perry-012sbw.jpg

Stevenson Family:
 photo stevenson-001.jpg
 photo stevenson-013.jpg
 photo stevenson-007.jpg
 photo stevenson-015.jpg
 photo stevenson-011.jpg
 photo stevenson-006sbw.jpg
 photo stevenson-003.jpg

Williams Family: 
 photo williams-010.jpg
 photo williams-005.jpg
 photo williams-013.jpg
 photo williams-003.jpg
 photo williams-019.jpg
 photo williams-002.jpg
 photo williams-020-1.jpg


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