Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stephanie & Kyle {ENGAGEMENT}

I was beyond excited when Kyle contacted me back in August about shooting his and Stephanie's engagement session. He had yet to propose, so keeping the secret from her was killing me. This sweet couple serves faithfully at our church and are sweet friends to Josh and I. We've been blessed to watch their relationship start and grow from Day 1. They love Jesus fiercely, and honestly couldn't be more perfect for each other.

We headed to Midtown for their session. Halfway through, Steph had the genius idea to shoot in a Used Bookstore that happened to be right down the street. They are both big book lovers, so this location could not have screamed more them. I'm loving how their session turned out. It's a great ending to my 2014 year. Thank you guys for spending the afternoon putting up with my awkward self and all that wind:) Hope you enjoy!

  photo segars-002will.jpg
And because I simply couldn't decide between the black and white and the color:
 photo segars-015sbw.jpg
 photo segars-015will.jpg
Love them both! Those fierce eyes!
 photo segars-001.jpg
 photo segars-010will.jpg
 photo segars-005bissbw.jpg
 photo segars-023.jpg
 photo segars-025will.jpg
 photo segars-019will.jpg
 photo segars-014will.jpg
 photo segars-039sbw.jpg
 photo segars-010will.jpg
 photo segars-029sbw.jpg
 photo segars-036sbw.jpg
 photo segars-042.jpg


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