Wednesday, October 1, 2014

McKinney {Family}

The McKinney kiddos couldn't be anymore precious or sweet. Just like last year, they easily gave me smiles and giggles. Their sweet momma (and Lauren from the previous post) gave me the CUTEST top for my sweet girl due soon. It's adorable and totally blessed me. I really love love love this family. Their friendship with the Ikerd family (previous post) is so much fun, and their kiddos kept each other laughing for both of their sessions. So thankful to have this family as loyal clients. Watching their babies grow is such a joy! Hope y'all enjoy this little sneak peek. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sweet gift and wonderful time!
 photo mckinney-015bis.jpg
 photo mckinney-025bis.jpg
 photo mckinney-003.jpg
 photo mckinney-005.jpg
 photo mckinney-023bis.jpg
 photo mckinney-001bis.jpg
 photo mckinney-028bis.jpg
 photo mckinney-029.jpg
Their little friendship is just so dang precious. I hope my kiddos are blessed with friendships growing up like these three.
 photo mckinney-018.jpg


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