Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ikerd {Family}

I sure do love these kiddos and family. I've been documenting their life since Wyatt was little. Gosh, I love that kid's personality. And now that chill Grady is here, I just can't get enough! I mean seriously, that baby is the best. We had so much fun being absolutely silly and making each other laugh. I always look forward to their sessions because I know it will be so easy, fun, and laid back. Thank you Ikerds (really Wyatt) for all the giggles. Can I please take Grady home with me next time???

 photo ikerd-005will.jpg
 photo ikerd-021will.jpg
 photo ikerd-008sbw.jpg
 photo ikerd-010.jpg
 photo ikerd-020.jpg
 photo ikerd-019will.jpg
 photo ikerd-001will.jpg
 photo ikerd-023will.jpg


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