Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vaughan {Family}

Oh goodness, is this family not just ridiculously beautiful? And Henry? He was all smiles. I love 9 months. They are just so happy and giddy and relaxed. The Vaughans went on and on about how they are awkward in front of the camera. I just laughed because they were the complete opposite. In fact, I wish more couples were "awkward" like they are! haha. Thanks for such a fun evening guys. It was such a joy to finally meet Henry after stalking so many adorable pictures of him on Facebook. I hope you love your sneak peek. I had a hard time narrowing down to my favorites, because the entire session rocked! And please take notice of this family's eyes, because they are so awesome. The blue. The lashes. My goodness!

 photo vaughn-029.jpg
 photo vaughn-032sbw.jpg
 photo vaughn-025will.jpg
 photo vaughn-008willsbw.jpg
 photo vaughn-030will.jpg

These next two images are some of my all time favorites. The smiles and love are very real and in NO way awkward:) You two are adorable!
 photo vaughn-037will.jpg
 photo vaughn-036sbw.jpg
 photo vaughn-033will.jpg
 photo vaughn-019.jpg
 photo vaughn-016.jpg
 photo vaughn-040will.jpg
 photo vaughn-003.jpg
 photo vaughn-014sbw.jpg
 photo vaughn-024will.jpg


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