Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wendy {Senior}

My goodness I love everything about this session. I love Wendy. She's one of the coolest senior girls I've ever known. I've known her for a while now seeing as her older sister and I are very good friends (since high school). I love her personality. She had so many ideas of what she wanted for her session and all so very different than anything I've ever done. Her room is probably the coolest room around. She loves comics, and books, and coffee mugs. She's also super artistic and wanted to incorporate that into her session. I love my father in laws nursery and knew it would be the perfect backdrop. We had so much fun spending the afternoon playing around with her ideas and exploring the nursery. My favorite part had to be painting her along side her sister. Thanks for being so brave and trusting us, Wendy! I'm in awe of your images and just can't stop staring at them. Thank you for pushing me to do something new. The paints are probably some of my favorite images of all time. And the star trek solute.... You're awesome!!

Hope you love them as much as I do, Wendy. I want to print and frame them all around my home haha!

 photo wendy-052will.jpg
 photo wendy-019will.jpg
 photo wendy-032will.jpg
 photo wendy-055.jpg
 photo wendy-020.jpg
 photo wendy-007.jpg
 photo wendy-037.jpg
 photo wendy-011.jpg
 photo wendy-058wil.jpg
 photo wendy-036.jpg
 photo wendy-046will.jpg
 photo wendy-029.jpg
 photo wendy-054will.jpg
 photo wendy-042will.jpg
 photo wendy-033.jpg
 photo wendy-017.jpg
 photo wendy-004s2.jpg
 photo wendy-009.jpg
 photo wendy-049.jpg


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