Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sam {Newborn & Family}

It's a blessing and a curse when shooting close friends. A blessing because I love them and their kiddos, and it's a joy to spend time with them. It's a curse because I can never for the life of me narrow down images. I just love them all and mostly because I love the people in them! We've been friends with Dalomba family since before any of us had kiddos. So, watching their family grow and getting to document it is obviously so special. Sweet little Sam is their newest member and goodness he's precious. We did a quick mini session with just him, and then we tacked on some family photos at the end. The more sessions I do, the more I learn that with kids, you have to be quick and most importantly, you have to be silly. Let them play, let them do their thing, and just shadow them along the way.

Hope you enjoy guys! You know we love y'all dearly:)
 photo dalomba-007sbw.jpg
 photo dalomba-002will.jpg
 photo dalomba-005sbw.jpg
 photo dalomba-040will.jpg
 photo dalomba-009sbw.jpg
 photo dalomba-042sbw.jpg
 photo dalomba-045will.jpg
 photo dalomba-004will.jpg
 photo dalomba-043sbw.jpg
 photo dalomba-006will.jpg
 photo dalomba-046.jpg
 photo dalomba-013.jpg
 photo dalomba-035sbw.jpg
 photo dalomba-012sbw.jpg
 photo dalomba-032will.jpg
 photo dalomba-017will.jpg
 photo dalomba-028arlo.jpg


  1. Truly beautiful!!! You are so talented. :)
    I couldn't love them more.


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