Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Carley {Senior}

Carley is absolutely stunning inside and out. After spending the afternoon with her, it was apparent. She naturally beautiful and has a passion for music. We strolled around midtown and stopped at some of her favorite murals and graffiti walls. Thanks Haley for conquering the heat and being one of the easiest subjects ever to shoot:) You made my job way way to easy! Enjoy!

 photo carley-003sbw.jpg
 photo carley-012sbw.jpg
 photo carley-041wilim.jpg
 photo carley-028sbw.jpg
 photo carley-010wilim.jpg
 photo carley-031.jpg
 photo carley-038sbw.jpg
 photo carley-017.jpg
 photo carley-002.jpg
 photo carley-048sbw.jpg
 photo carley-037.jpg
 photo carley-007wilim.jpg
 photo carley-033will.jpg


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