Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Elrod {Family}

The Elrod family are some of the most precious people and children. They have been so sweet to my family in the past few months and have sacrificially given of themselves. I can't sing their praises enough. I'm so thankful for all they have done, and that I finally got to meet them in person this past week. If only they lived a little closer, my son would have 5 pretty awesome playmates;). Thank you for everything, guys! I hope you enjoy these images. Little Jackson's smile just about kills me!

 photo elrod-011.jpg
 photo elrod-030.jpg
 photo elrod-027bis.jpg
 photo elrod-012sbw.jpg
 photo elrod-005gts.jpg
 photo elrod-020s2.jpg
 photo elrod-002gts.jpg
 photo elrod-034cb.jpg
 photo elrod-024bis.jpg
 photo elrod-022.jpg


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