Thursday, September 18, 2014

Henry {Newborn}

Some how lately, I've been blessed with the easiest newborns to capture. Little Henry was no exception. I can't recall him even crying once. It's a newborn photographers paradise when they sleep so sound, and you have such a beautiful home to shoot in. Little boy came 10 days past due, but I know his parents will agree when I say he was well worth the wait. I sure loved stealing snuggles from this little one and meeting his precious parents.

Cantrell family, I hope these images are beyond what you hoped for. Thank you so much for letting me share in this journey with you!

 photo HenryNewborn-024.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-020arlo.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-039.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-032sbw.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-011.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-016arlo.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-025.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-023.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-030.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-053sbw.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-021will.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-042.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-060.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-047will.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-027will.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-046sbw.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-050will.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-049bw.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-034will.jpg
 photo HenryNewborn-008will.jpg


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