Tuesday, August 5, 2014

John Foster {Newborn}

Where do I even start with this session? We were crazy blessed with beautiful weather, a well rested and behaved baby, and a pup that protected our every move. It was one of those sessions where all the stars align, and it's a photographers dream:). Sweet John hardly made a peep during his session, and the outpouring of love from his parents was such a delight. I feel so blessed to have shadowed this family for a morning capturing their new life of three.

Casey and Alex, I hope you cherish these sweet images of your precious boy. Thank you for welcoming me into your home, and trusting me to capture this new phase. Your John is just the sweetest!

 photo shockey_newborn-004sbw.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-020.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-025sbw.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-039will.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-027bis.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-019will.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-012sbw.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-032will.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-040.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-037sbw.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-022.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-033will.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-008will.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-030sbw.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-029bis.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-005will.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-001sbw.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-010will.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-035.jpg
 photo shockey_newborn-009sbw.jpg


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