Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chase & Katelyn {LOVE}

If you've seen the last two posts, then you know that we went on vacation with three other couples last week. We had a seriously amazing time. The last night we were there, I did a session for them. I was worried that doing three sessions back to back might stunt me creatively. Thankfully, every couple killed it. They all let their personalities really radiate through their images. The last to go was Chase and Katelyn. They were our roomies the entire week, and we loved getting to spend more time with them. I took their engagement photos almost exactly two years ago. It is still one of my favorite sessions, but this beach session might take the cake.

Enjoy you two love birds:) Let's be beach suite mates again already. Seriously, can we go back?

 photo beachsessions-052.jpg
 photo beachsessions-056sbw.jpg
^^these two images. #swoon
 photo beachsessions-060bis.jpg
 photo beachsessions-053sbw.jpg
 photo beachsessions-058.jpg
 photo beachsessions-061sbw.jpg
 photo beachsessions-049.jpg
 photo beachsessions-051sbw.jpg
 photo beachsessions-057.jpg


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