Thursday, July 31, 2014

Garrett + Anna {LOVE}

I couldn't say enough wonderful things about this couple. We consider them to be some of our closets friends. Garrett is on staff at our church with my husband, and Anna has been a loyal, faithful friend for years. Their love is silly, serious, deep, and strong, and all of that shines through these images. I mainly told them to just ignore me and interact/flirt as they normally do. So many of these images I see their personalities shine, and it makes me smile.Vacationing with them and our other friends was no doubt a blast and getting to squeeze in this session was a joy!

A&G, I hope you love them as much as me. And congrats on having one of my all time favorite images ever. You'll see!

 photo beachsessions-031.jpg photo beachsessions-043bis.jpg
 photo beachsessions-040bis.jpg
 photo beachsessions-044sbw.jpg
 photo beachsessions-039bis.jpg
 photo beachsessions-032sbw.jpg
^^^ one of my favorite images of all time. Because DUH!
 photo beachsessions-046.jpg
 photo beachsessions-048sbw.jpg
 photo beachsessions-036bis.jpg
 photo beachsessions-042.jpg
 photo beachsessions-038sbw.jpg
 photo beachsessions-033.jpg


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