Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Allyse + Zach {LOVE}

Meet A&Z. These two are some of our very best friends. However, I've never had the privilege of photographing them until last week on our vacation. They invited us along (and some other dear friends) for a week at the beach, and of course we couldn't say no! We honestly had the best time relaxing and hanging out with our friends. And when at the beach with your adorable friends, you obviously must do a session with them all! I'll be posting the other two couples this week as well.

A&Z thank you, THANK YOU for taking us along last week. We love you both dearly, and I hope you enjoy this session!
 photo beachsessions-024-1.jpg
 photo beachsessions-016-1.jpg
 photo beachsessions-003.jpg
 photo beachsessions-026sbw-2.jpg
 photo beachsessions-021-1.jpg
 photo beachsessions-013-1.jpg
 photo beachsessions-019-1.jpg
 photo beachsessions-006sbw-1.jpg

 photo beachsessions-017-1.jpg
 photo beachsessions-015sbw-1.jpg


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