Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I was beyond excited when Susan asked me to help share some big news they had up their sleeve. The Delk's are....
 photo delk-014.jpg
 photo delk-015.jpg
 photo delk-023sbw.jpg
 photo delk-007.jpg
 photo delk-022sbw.jpg
 photo delk-018.jpg
 photo delk-013.jpg
 photo delk-002.jpg
 photo delk-010.jpg
 photo delk-021sbw.jpg
 photo delk-017sbw.jpg
 photo delk-005.jpg

Through our church, we've built a great relationship with this sweet couple, and they've become dear friends! Their heart for adoption beats right along with ours. Our own adoption has been put on hold with the arrival of our Willow this fall. Since we are stagnate in our own adoption until next April, I plan to live vicariously through their journey. I can't wait to one day watch our babies play & praise Jesus for the blessing of adoption! Susan has written allllll about their journey and reasons they are pursuing adoption on her blog. It's a serious must read, even if you don't know them!

Head over here to check it out!

Also, if any families out there plan to pursue adoption in the future or are in the process now and would like a photo session, please don't hesitate to contact me. Upon confirmation of your adoption, I like to give big fat discounts on photo sessions to families who are currently pursuing or have pursued adoption:) Any little bit to encourage others to adopt!


  1. Thanks Katie!! Love you guys as well! And love these amazing photos! They turned out so well!! Definitely can't wait for our little ones to play together for sure! PTL for adoption indeed :)


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