Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pepin {Family}

Watching babies grow has easily become my favorite part of this little photography business. I've had the joy of watching Sadie grow from maternity, to newborn, to 6 months, and now her one year. Her appearance may have changed over time, but her precious, adventurous personality has not. Since learning last week that we are expecting a little girl, I haven't been able to stop thinking of my session with Sadie. Her preciousness makes me so excited for a little girl of our own.

Pepin Family, thank you thank you thank you for letting me be apart of Sadie's life. It's been such a blessing to watch her grow and flourish!

 photo pepin-037arlo.jpg
 photo pepin-004will.jpg
 photo pepin-025.jpg
 photo pepin-036wil.jpg
 photo pepin-034will.jpg
 photo pepin-021arlo.jpg
 photo pepin-005.jpg
 photo pepin-007.jpg
 photo pepin-017.jpg
 photo pepin-033will.jpg
 photo pepin-012bis.jpg
 photo pepin-019.jpg


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