Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dustin & Emma {Proposal}

Dustin is a good friend of my little family. He's in our community group, and over the past couple of years, we've had the blessing of watching him grow in the Lord. During this time, he started dating Emma. It was pretty obvious from day one that these two would one day tie the knot. He messaged me back in May about his plans to propose to Emma. I was immediately on board. Shooting proposals is one of my favorite types of sessions. I always get just as nervous as the groom, but just as excited as the bride to be. They are always such a joy to capture.

Dustin and Emma went to the Peabody roof top on their first date, so the beautiful view had a sentimental meaning to them both. As the day drew near, the rain came pouring in. Just hours before the set time, clear skies were no where to be found. Husband and I arrived early to scout a new location inside the Peabody. Thankfully, we found a beautiful ballroom available, but it still wasn't as special as the roof would have been. About ten minutes before they were set to arrive, I decided to check the radar one last time. Low and behold, NO RAIN!! I quickly rain outside, looked up, and gasped at the beautiful sunset. We quickly sent a text to Dustin telling him the original game plan was back on and hurried to the roof. I had just a few minutes to capture the scene, set up their journal (it contained letters they've written back and forth while dating & dustin's letter to Emma proposing), and even snapped a photo of them crossing the street. There wasn't a soul on the roof when he popped the big question. It was quiet, romantic, and absolutely beautiful. Dustin, all your planning paid off. Everything was perfect!

Thank you Dustin for asking me to capture this precious, joyous time in y'alls lives. Emma, you're going to make one beautiful bride! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
 photo crickproposal-004.jpg
 photo crickproposal-001.jpg
 photo crickproposal-003.jpg
 photo crickproposal-005.jpg
 photo crickproposal-006.jpg
 photo crickproposal-007.jpg
 photo crickproposal-008.jpg
 photo crickproposal-009.jpg
 photo crickproposal-010.jpg
 photo crickproposal-011.jpg
 photo crickproposal-012.jpg
 photo crickproposal-013.jpg
 photo crickproposal-014.jpg
 photo crickproposal-015.jpg
 photo crickproposal-018.jpg
 photo crickproposal-019.jpg
 photo crickproposal-022.jpg
 photo crickproposal-023sbw.jpg
 photo crickproposal-025sbw.jpg
 photo crickproposal-026sbw.jpg
 photo crickproposal-024sbw.jpg
 photo crickproposal-027will.jpg
 photo crickproposal-029will.jpg
 photo crickproposal-028sbw.jpg
 photo crickproposal-034bis.jpg
 photo crickproposal-032will.jpg
 photo crickproposal-030.jpg
 photo crickproposal-031will.jpg
 photo crickproposal-002.jpg
^^ I caught of a glimpse of this as I finished photographing the date. I chuckled and knew it had to be shared! It was all worth it right, Emma? Haha.


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