Monday, May 26, 2014

Chandler {Family}

I love getting to photograph families as they grow. I first photographer Emma's newborns, andsomehow, it's already 6 months later. Time truly does fly. This bubbly little girl kept me smiling throughout our entire session, and it's obviously because she's the cutest thing ever. Enjoy Chandler Family! And if you're into arranged marriages, can we set that up for her and my C?:)

 photo chandler-005bis.jpg
 photo chandler-024.jpg
 photo chandler-014sbw.jpg
 photo chandler-017.jpg
 photo chandler-021.jpg
 photo chandler-022.jpg
 photo chandler-016.jpg
 photo chandler-006sbw.jpg
 photo chandler-009.jpg
 photo chandler-008sbw.jpg
 photo chandler-030.jpg
 photo chandler-003sbw.jpg
 photo chandler-020.jpg
 photo chandler-007sbw.jpg


  1. That's a whole lot of cuteness!! Awesome job girl!


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