Friday, May 23, 2014

Lyla {Newborn}

This is little Miss Lyla. I can not tell you what a joy it was to capture her newborn photos. Her parents are dear friends of ours from church. Friends we consider family. I'm so thankful they allowed me to play with Lyla one afternoon & capture these images. This little girl has stolen our hearts, for sure. When we went to visit L in the hospital, I noticed two things. 1. She looks just like her beautiful momma. 2. She was welcomed by her lovely family & the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. I knew then that I wanted to incorporate the flowers into her session. I love love love how they turned out and will definitely be copying my own idea should this babe growing inside me be a girl. I'm incredibly grateful I will get to watch this little one grow.

Britt & Jared, I hope you love these images as much as I do. We love you guys and are so excited for this newest addition. Also, prepare yourselves for the last four images. I know you're going to love them:)

 photo aldridge-019.jpg
 photo aldridge-010.jpg
 photo aldridge-016.jpg
 photo aldridge-009.jpg
 photo aldridge-003sbw.jpg
 photo aldridge-012.jpg
 photo aldridge-005.jpg
 photo aldridge-001sbw.jpg
 photo aldridge-015.jpg

This is Gavin. Or better known now as Big Brother. He was so sweet, gentle, and patient with L when I shot these. I barely had to pose this kid. Cuddling her came so naturally to him. I also kind of wish they were my own kids just so I could have an excuse to frame these in my own home. Love them!

 photo aldridge-024sbw.jpg
 photo aldridge-025sbw.jpg
 photo aldridge-023sbw.jpg
 photo aldridge-022sbw.jpg


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