Thursday, May 22, 2014

Brayden {Newborn}

Sweet Brayden rocked his newborn session. The little champ barely let a cry out, and was game for pretty much anything I wanted to do. His big blue eyes just stared right back at me in the beginning as if to say "hey lady, how you doing?" and then within minutes was sound asleep. Thank you Heather and Jeff for letting me cuddle your sweet babe and capture this precious time:)

 photo hearn-004s2.jpg
 photo hearn-024w.jpg
 photo hearn-017sbw.jpg
 photo hearn-023s3.jpg
 photo hearn-007s2.jpg
 photo hearn-019sbw.jpg
 photo hearn-031w.jpg
 photo hearn-010s2.jpg
 photo hearn-005s2.jpg
 photo hearn-028w.jpg
 photo hearn-020s3.jpg
 photo hearn-021sbw.jpg
 photo hearn-027w.jpg
 photo hearn-013s2.jpg
 photo hearn-012sbw.jpg


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