Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Weavers {Wedding}

I'm not a wedding photographer. I've helped shoot weddings in the past, but I was never the lead or solo person shooting. It's just not an industry I feel lead to. But with that being said, when my brother and soon to be sister asked me to shoot their wedding, I was just a taaaaad bit nervous in the beginning. Then I realized that this would be my BROTHER'S wedding! Of all the people to shoot on their wedding day, who better than your own brother and sister-in-law?? My nervousness quickly turned to excitement. All the times I helped shoot other weddings was great preparation for me. It really was an incredible honor to capture their big day. On top of that, I was also in the wedding as a bridesmaid. I couldn't have done any of this with out the help of my sweet hubby. Some of the images you'll see are his. This sweet man learned how to shoot just for this wedding (although I will totally be capitalizing on this new skill of his in the future;) 

Ricky and Alyssa's wedding was nothing short of precious. Alyssa's style is impeccable. Her wedding was perfectly unique, rustic, and charming. All night I just kept hearing people say how darn cute everything was:) And the ceremony was by far one of the sweetest I've ever witnessed. Ricky surprised Alyssa by singing the Dave Barnes song "I have and I Always Will". Her face and tears were priceless. Big props to her dad and my brother playing and singing along. I don't think there was a dry eye to be found. Ben, my brother-in-law, preformed the ceremony. It was Christ centered and beautifully done. I'm telling you, the entire day was perfect.

 These two love birds are genuinely some of the sweetest, most sensitive people I know. When Ricky brought Alyssa into our lives, I knew pretty soon that she would be the perfect fit for our family. She can hold her own against my my other two triplet brother's personalities, and she's honestly has felt like a fourth Weaver girl for some time now. It's hard to believe my little brother has gone and gotten himself a bride. He's a married man. It's still sinking in:)

Ricky and Alyssa we love you more than we could ever express in this blog post. Christ is clearly evident in your relationship, and we pray it always remains that way. Thank you for being such a Godly example of what a Christ centered dating relationship should be. We are so proud of you both and can not WAIT to watch your new little family grow over the years. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking and editing them. Thank you for blessing me with this opportunity. It really was a blessing to relive that beautiful day over and over through these photos. We love you both!

Now grab a cup of coffee, this post is a dozy in length. How was I ever supposed to narrow down favorites?  Please ignore some of the layout glitches (vertical photos, cough cough). Still working on the kinks of the new site, but couldn't wait to share these any longer.

 photo weaver_wedding026bis.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding030w.jpg

 photo weaver_wedding018w.jpg photo weaver_wedding023.jpg photo weaver_wedding017w.jpg photo weaver_wedding028w.jpg photo weaver_wedding024sbw.jpg photo weaver_wedding004w.jpg photo weaver_wedding006w.jpg photo weaver_wedding008w.jpg photo weaver_wedding016w.jpg photo weaver_wedding012bis.jpg photo weaver_wedding015w.jpg photo weaver_wedding014w.jpg photo weaver_wedding020w.jpg photo weaver_wedding038sbw.jpg photo weaver_wedding033.jpg photo weaver_wedding035.jpg photo weaver_wedding041.jpg photo weaver_wedding043.jpg photo weaver_wedding048w.jpg photo weaver_wedding049.jpg photo weaver_wedding054arlo.jpg photo weaver_wedding051.jpg photo weaver_wedding055.jpg photo weaver_wedding057.jpg photo weaver_wedding060arlo.jpg photo weaver_wedding058.jpg photo weaver_wedding032arlo.jpg photo weaver_wedding037.jpg photo weaver_wedding034arlo.jpg photo weaver_wedding059.jpg photo weaver_wedding062arlo.jpg photo weaver_wedding065.jpg photo weaver_wedding068w.jpg photo weaver_wedding069.jpg photo weaver_wedding072w.jpg photo weaver_wedding076.jpg photo weaver_wedding077w.jpg photo weaver_wedding080.jpg photo weaver_wedding081arlo.jpg photo weaver_wedding082w.jpg photo weaver_wedding085dbw.jpg photo weaver_wedding088.jpg photo weaver_wedding089.jpg photo weaver_wedding091.jpg photo weaver_wedding094arlo.jpg photo weaver_wedding095w.jpg photo weaver_wedding100.jpg photo weaver_wedding109w.jpg photo weaver_wedding106.jpg photo weaver_wedding112w.jpg photo weaver_wedding113.jpg photo weaver_wedding116arlo.jpg photo weaver_wedding119w.jpg photo weaver_wedding117arlo.jpg photo weaver_wedding121.jpg photo weaver_wedding136.jpg photo weaver_wedding122arlo.jpg photo weaver_wedding138.jpg photo weaver_wedding139.jpg photo weaver_wedding140.jpg photo weaver_wedding143.jpg photo weaver_wedding142arlo.jpg photo weaver_wedding141.jpg photo weaver_wedding148w.jpg photo weaver_wedding156.jpg

 photo weaver_wedding153.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding158gts.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding159.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding160w.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding162arlo.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding168.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding188bis.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding191arlo.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding193bis.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding194.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding196bis.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding199bis.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding200bis.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding203w.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding204sbw.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding206w.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding209sbw.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding207.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding211w.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding213dbw.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding215.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding217.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding219w.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding222.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding223.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding225.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding229.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding234.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding235.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding236.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding247.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding237.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding242.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding241.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding246.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding255.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding259.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding261bis.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding263.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding265.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding269.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding272.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding274.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding279.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding283sbw.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding286bis.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding288.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding289malt.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding295arlo.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding297arlo.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding298.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding301arlo.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding306.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding309.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding314sun.jpg
 photo weaver_wedding313gts.jpg


  1. OH MY GOSH SO PERFECT. Instant tears! Great job on the photos, all their little touches were darling!

  2. GORGEOUS!!! The last one is my absolute favorite!

  3. Fabulous job, Katie! It seemed like such a special, wonderful wedding and you did a great job of capturing their moments!

  4. What a beautiful wedding! Amazing pictures! Gorgeous couple!


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