Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Clark {Family}

My relationship with Sarah is very "21st century". By that I mean, we never really knew each other in person before we knew each other through social media. We have several mutual friends, but never connected until Sarah and her husband moved to help start a church in East TN. Through instagram and FB we "met". I count Sarah as one of my closest confidants. Through infertility and family struggles, we grew to be strong prayer warriors for each other. I was burdened for her and with her during her walk with infertility. I was encouraged by her post on miscarriage on my personal blog, but never realized how close it would hit home for me, until I also unfortunately had a miscarriage last year.

She's an incredibly strong and Godly woman. I count it a blessing to call her friend. When she texted me she was pregnant with Greyson, I knew immediately I just had to photograph this long awaited blessing. He's an answer to prayer no doubt, and probably one of the cutest baby boys I know. They have moved back home, and I couldn't have been more excited to finally meet him, snuggle him, and talk with Sarah in person the day of their session. I can't say enough wonderful things about this family.

Clark family, I hope you love these images. As I edited them, I was reminded by the hope we have in Christ. Sweet Greyson is such a picture of Christ keeping His promises. What a mighty God we serve!

 photo clark-033wil.jpg
 photo clark-013wil.jpg
 photo clark-006will.jpg
 photo clark-024will.jpg
 photo clark-030arlo.jpg
 photo clark-015.jpg
 photo clark-019.jpg
 photo clark-037wil.jpg
 photo clark-021wil.jpg
 photo clark-017arlo.jpg
 photo clark-035will.jpg
 photo clark-018will.jpg
 photo clark-031wil.jpg
 photo clark-028will.jpg


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