Thursday, March 6, 2014

Benjamin Paul {Newborn}

This is sweet, little Ben. I had the pleasure of taking his newborn photos last week, and I've been swooning over his little face ever since. And his hair!! Newborns with a full head of hair are at the top of my favorite things list. Not to mention, he has his dad's dimples. Dimples. On a baby. Is there anything cuter? No. Ben's parents are doing a killer job at first time parenting. There were some moments where I was a fly on the wall and could observe the mass amounts of love Jimmy has for his son and wife. It warms my heart to see such a supportive husband. Samantha happens to be one fabulous momma already, if you know her, you know that's resoundingly true.

Thank you Madeksho family for letting me capture this precious time. I love these images of your little boy. He's beautiful, and he is destined to be one major Bronco's fan, too!


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