Friday, December 6, 2013

Ross {family}

This is the Ross family. I could try to explain how dearly I love this family, but I just wouldn't get it worded right. They have been dear friends to husband and I. We've known them for several years now, and I will always be so grateful to call them friends. They've made a kingdom impact on my life and counseled husband and I through many hard situations. They've walked along side us, loved on us, prayed for us, counseled us, mentored us, etc etc etc. If you know this family, you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say they are just genuine through and through. Jesus pours out of their lives & out of their kids. It's unreal.

A few weekends back, we met up to do a quick mini session. They are currently moving to NOLA to be missionaries for NAMB. Although husband and I HATE that they won't be living here anymore, we are so excited for their new journey in New Orleans. This session was squeezed in the chaos of them being in and out of town. I cherished my last 30 minutes with them before they headed back to NOLA.  I'm so excited they will be using these images for their mission card. Please add this family to your prayer request. We love you guys. Forever grateful for the impact you've made on our lives.


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