Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lindsay + Ryan {LOVE}

What do I even say about these people? I love them to my core. If for some reason you don't know, this is my family. One of my older sisters. I cherish her more than she will ever know. And I love Ryan because of how much he loves her and points her to Christ. I may have shed a tear or two or just balled my eyes out editing these photos because I'm a dork but mainly because I'm just overwhelmed by thankfulness the Lord gave me them. He blessed me with the most wonderful family. I aspire to be like them in so many ways. Linny and Ry Ry, I love you like woah.  photo stevenson-015.jpg photo stevenson-013.jpg  photo stevenson-006.jpg  photo stevenson-022.jpg
 photo stevenson-007gts.jpg
 photo stevenson-024dbw.jpg
 photo stevenson-016.jpg
 photo stevenson-008bw.jpg
 photo stevenson-004gts.jpg
 photo stevenson-029.jpg
 photo stevenson-012.jpg
 photo stevenson-026.jpg
 photo stevenson-027dbw.jpg
 photo stevenson-018.jpg
 photo stevenson-002bis.jpg
 photo stevenson-025gts.jpg
 photo stevenson-032.jpg
 photo stevenson-028.jpg


  1. some of my favorites too! thanks for sharing Katie!


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