Monday, November 23, 2015

Ferguson {FAMILY}

Oh goodness I love little boys at this age. They are totally in explorer mode and just so serious about the world around them. Yet, at the same time, they are big time into their mamas and daddies and give alllll the cuddles. I've stalked little Bo's pictures since he was born and I was so excited to finally meet him. He was such a ham and the last pic is definitely a new fav:)

 photo fall2015sessions-013bis.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-001.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-016bis.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-005.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-022.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-011bis.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-008.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-015.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-020.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-004.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-012bis.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-006dbw.jpg

And because it's just too cute and too real life not to post. The struggle is real.

 photo fall2015sessions-017dbw.jpg


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