Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nicole + Tyler {LOVE}

I've been blessed in my life with a handful of friends who I can truly count on for anything. And Nicole is one of them. She's a prayer warrior in my life and a friend that has blessed me more than she knows. It blows my mind that we met through blogging, but I'm so thankful we did. She's been by my side both figuratively and literally through some of the biggest moments (like capturing the birth of our daughter Willow) and through some of the hardest. She asked me to capture this time in her and Tyler's life. They recently moved into their new home, and I'm so excited to watch how the Lord is going to use this home for his glory. Praying big blessings for these two. Love you sweet friend.
  photo cole-027bw.jpg
 photo cole-022bis.jpg
 photo cole-006bw.jpg
 photo cole-013.jpg
 photo cole-017sbw.jpg
 photo cole-030.jpg
 photo cole-046.jpg
 photo cole-010bw.jpg
 photo cole-023.jpg
 photo cole-004bis.jpg
 photo cole-028sbw.jpg
 photo cole-016.jpg
 photo cole-014bisbw.jpg
 photo cole-035.jpg
 photo cole-042sbw.jpg
 photo cole-005bis.jpg
 photo cole-007bw.jpg
 photo cole-025bis.jpg


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