Monday, September 14, 2015

Hadley {Children}

Little Hadley turned a year old a week ago. This blue eyed baby (well not so baby anymore) was such a joy to meet and shoot. She had us laughing with her scrunched up nose, baby doll loving, and big girl walking. Thank you King family for letting capture your big girl!


 photo king-013.jpg
 photo king-024bw.jpg
 photo king-006bw.jpg
 photo king-016gts.jpg
 photo king-009sbw.jpg
 photo king-031.jpg
 photo king-005bw.jpg
 photo king-018sbw.jpg
 photo king-028gts.jpg
 photo king-011sbw.jpg
 photo king-032bw.jpg
 photo king-022sbw.jpg


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