Monday, March 23, 2015


Meet sweet little Heath. This little man was quite alert for most of our session. I like to think that he simply couldn't get enough of his precious momma and daddy. Since having my two, I simply can't get enough newborn cuddles. We incorporated some of Brandon's love for planes (He's a pilot) into our session and I love how they turned out, but I'm saving them for Lacye and Brandon to see first.  Thank you McCormick family for letting me love on your boy and being so patient while we waited for him to snooze.
 photo heath-006bw.jpg
 photo heath-023.jpg
 photo heath-002.jpg
 photo heath-033.jpg
 photo heath-010sbw.jpg
 photo heath-024.jpg
 photo heath-025.jpg
 photo heath-015sbw.jpg
 photo heath-031.jpg
 photo heath-008bw.jpg
 photo heath-004.jpg
 photo heath-019sbw.jpg
 photo heath-021.jpg
 photo heath-032.jpg
 photo heath-018sbw.jpg


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