Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Emmerson {NEWBORN}

This little muffin gave me all the feels during her session. My little girl is now 5 months old, so while I was shooting sweet little Emmerson, I couldn't help but realize how fast time goes by. Emmerson was just the best little model, minus the one blow out:). She couldn't be anymore beautiful. Thank you so much Lindsay and Chase for trusting me to capture her tininess. You're doing an amazing job as first time parents, and little E is so blessed to have you. I hope you enjoy these images for years to come. The days are long, but the years are short. Cherish this time:)
 photo EmmersonDuncan-007bis.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-015bis.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-029sbw.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-022.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-001bis.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-035bw.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-012bis.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-018sbw.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-028bis.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-030bis.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-003bis.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-010sbw.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-004bis.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-017.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-013sbw.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-026.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-002sbw.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-009bis.jpg
 photo EmmersonDuncan-016bw.jpg


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