Monday, January 4, 2016

Emmerson {Newborn}

Oh sweet Emmie girl. She's the sweetest little bundle of joy. I love love love when friends have babies and I get to come over and snuggle them to my heart's content. We love this sweet family and their new little one!!

 photo emmerson-011.jpg
 photo emmerson-005dbw.jpg
  photo emmerson-007.jpg photo emmerson-032.jpg
 photo emmerson-003.jpg
 photo emmerson-017dbw.jpg
 photo emmerson-026.jpg
 photo emmerson-002dbw.jpg
  photo emmerson-022.jpg
 photo emmerson-027dbw.jpg
 photo emmerson-031.jpg
 photo emmerson-014dbw.jpg
 photo emmerson-006.jpg photo emmerson-015.jpg
 photo emmerson-010dbw.jpg

 photo emmerson-028dbw.jpg


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