Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ikerd {Family}

I've been photographing the Ikerd family for years and years now. And yet, before every session I get a little nervous I won't be able to do as well as the last. And then every time, their boys are even more beautiful and fun and hilarious and they slay their session even more. I CAN'T WAITTTT to meet baby boy #3. I love love love this family and I'm so thankful they choose me to capture their growing clan!

 photo ikerd-006.jpg
 photo ikerd-001bis.jpg
 photo ikerd-012gts.jpg
 photo ikerd-028bis.jpg
 photo ikerd-011.jpg
 photo ikerd-015.jpg
 photo ikerd-009dbw.jpg
 photo ikerd-025.jpg
 photo ikerd-027bis.jpg
 photo ikerd-017.jpg
 photo ikerd-018.jpg
 photo ikerd-024dbw.jpg
 photo ikerd-021dbw.jpg
 photo ikerd-026.jpg
 photo ikerd-023dbw.jpg


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